About Us

Wayward DUI Counseling, Inc. is  a state-licensed facility.  We provide  Driving Under the Influence (DUI) related services and work with court-ordered and voluntary clients.  

Our staff is trained, certified and credentialed to complete evaluations, provide education and treatment and complete all your paperwork as required by the courts and the State of Illinois.

We are located at 1700 E Algonquin Rd #106 in Algonquin IL.

Wayward isn't just the name of the practice...it is the meaning of the practice!  We understand how difficult and traumatic getting a DUI can be.  It is a journey that you did not intend or desire (meaning "Wayward").  We have the experience and understanding to help you through this journey.  

We offer safe, confidential, compassionate and non-judgmental treatment in a relaxed, laid back and comfortable setting.  Our approach is innovative with an exceptional success rate.

We work with a range of clients.  Whether it be mild to severe use disorder or clients who perhaps made a poor choice to drive under the influence of a mood altering substance.  LET US HELP YOU!